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Extra touches

This is a personal thing, and something you need to decide for yourself. We've stayed at sparse condos and we've stayed at places where the host had created an elaborate tea spread for us. 


The three easy extra touches are a welcome note, pen and paper, and a personal guidebook. 



Welcome note


Write out a welcome note addressed to them. Tell them you’re happy they’re here and hope they have a wonderful time. Tell them they should call or email any time if they run into issues. Leave your phone number and email and the contact information for any friend you have retained as a backup. (And if they call pick up your phone! This is your opportunity to solve a problem


Also, write down the Wifi username and password on this note.


To make it easier, we typed up a note on a backdrop of the Denver skyline and laminated it.



Consider putting together a little guidebook of your specific area. It doesn’t have to be fancy. A simple sheet of paper or a three-ring binder listing out restaurants, bars, recreation spots and other tourists spots nearby is a great personal touch. Slightly less personal, but no less appreciated, is if you buy a Denver guide book at your local bookstore and leave it next to the welcome note.


Oh, and leave a pad of paper and a pen. Guests always want to write down an address or phone number.


Above and beyond


Is it your guests’ anniversary, honeymoon, birthday? We love to buy a 6-pack or bottle of wine and have it next to the welcome note when they arrive. It doesn’t have to be fancy. (We buy a cheap $4 wine.) In this case, it’s truly the thought that counts.


Why do this? There's an ego reason and a business reason.


For us, we like making people feel good, and $4 is a cheap price to pay for that feeling. But there is also an ancillary business benefit, as well. So much of what we do is defense as much as offense. Guests are generally nice people. A small gesture like the $4 bottle of wine serves the same purpose as meeting them in person. If you’ve been truly gracious to them, they’re going to have a really hard time leaving a bad review, no matter what happens during their stay. Broken AC? No toilet paper? Locked out on the balcony in the middle of the night for so long they have to pee in the corner? Those grievances are more easily forgiven when they’ve gotten to know you a bit and see you as a nice person. 


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