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Please email Erin Spradlin at with consulting questions. 

Items we have covered with previous consulting clients:


    Please pay via Zelle (719-491-4949) or via Venmo: @erin-spradlin


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Already own the property, have a listing or a specific question and want review/research/answer

Own a property, want advice on how to list and follow up on any item listings across multiple platforms, pricing, etc.

Totally new to the process and want information on how to purchase, what the numbers are, etc. Want ongoing consulting throughout process



Real Estate Deals

Review of listings / Help with setting up listing

Platform suggestions and Review

Pricing | Suggestion, Calculation and Analysis

Second opinion for clients and real estate agents

Regulatory advice (where to find the law, what it says)

Furnished Finder, Airbnb, VRBO & Zillow Rental Manager

Sourcing Tenants

AirDNA number

What model is best: short term, midterm or long-term

Listing strategy

Investing strategy

Renting/Landlording strategy

  • review of listings for short-term and mid-term investors

  • mid-term rental consulting and coaching

  • short-term rental consulting and coaching

  • airbnb consulting and coaching

  • VRBO consulting and coaching

Furnished Finder consulting and coaching

  • general real estate therapy for both realtors and clients

  • mid-term rental strategy

  • mid-term rental listings

  • airbnb strategy

  • airbnb listing

  • furnished finder set up 

  • second opinion on real estate deals review of numbers and investing assumptions


  • answering questions about airbnb laws and local ordinances

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