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If you are involved in a real-estate related lawsuit or legal proceeding involving short-term rentals, James Carlson can serve as your Airbnb expert witness.


Airbnb rentals are big business. In resort towns along the coasts and in the mountains, property owners rely on short-term rentals as a business model. A well-run vacation rental can generate $10,000 in revenue per month or more. 


So if an owner can't rent their place for whatever reason, the losses can add up quickly. If a guest's damage takes a property offline or if a home remodel goes wrong, legal action may be necessary. And properly estimating the lost revenue is key to any court case.

James serves as an expert witness and consultant for Airbnb-related lawsuits and other legal matters. We are licensed Realtors in the state of Colorado focused on helping clients buy short-term rentals and vacation rentals. James is considered Colorado's Airbnb expert, and he teaches classes about the Airbnb laws in various cities.


He is well-versed in estimating short-term rental revenue numbers, justifying those numbers with comparable properties and utilizing the best Airbnb analytics tools in the industry. 


James is a former journalist who knows how to craft a persuasive written report. He is also co-host of a weekly real estate podcast and leads several classes a year about Airbnb laws and best practices. He is comfortable speaking in public. And as a former journalist, he is comfortable staying calm when faced with confrontation. 

For more information on hiring James as your Airbnb or vacation rental expert witness, call or email today at (720) 460-1770 or

Services we can provide as an Airbnb expert witness or consultant:

  • Written reports on a property's potential short-term rental income.

  • Deposition or trial testimony

  • Property valuations

  • Research and consultation on a city's Airbnb regulations

Call or email us today at (720) 460-1770 or


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