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  • We service homebuyers and sellers in Denver and Colorado Springs.

  • Approximately 40% of our client base are investors. 

  • We own 4 properties (2 in Denver, 2 in Colorado Springs)

  • We love, love, love, love being self-employed. 

  • Erin runs Denver Women Invest, a free monthly financial group for females interested in learning about the market, investing, financial tools, and networking. 

  • One of us loves eggs, and one of us loves Cadbury eggs

  • We play a lot of Settlers of Catan, but could always play more

James Carlson | James Carlson Real Estate | Denver, Colorado







I love Colorado, a good IPA, real estate, and Airbnb.


I help guide clients through the Denver and Colorado Springs markets. I believe in clear and responsive communication. I believe in educating clients about every step of the process. And I believe in fiercely advocating for my client's best interests.


My wife and I are also Colorado's Airbnb experts. We work with all kinds of buyers but specialize in finding people legal Airbnb investment properties along the Front Range. We also work with those looking to house-hack.


We teach or host several classes and events, including classes on homebuying, homeselling and the Airbnb laws in various cities. 

We own several properties in Denver and Colorado Springs.


Prior to real estate, I spent 10 years as a journalist. Many of the skills I honed through journalism translate to real estate. Researching, working with people one on one, and chasing after something -- in this case a home, not a story.

I'm a board game enthusiast who will never turn my back on a Denver patio. This city has served as the backdrop for my major life events and is my absolute favorite place in the world.


I really enjoy working with first time homebuyers (because it's nice to see someone accomplish a goal) and investors (because I am a total spreadsheet nerd.) 

I believe good communication is critical to client service, and I am a big fan of transparency. What does this mean for you? We will always get back to you and in whatever way your prefer: email, text, phone, Morse code. We don't care, we just want you to be happy.  Likewise, we make sure you know what is going on at all times with your deal and what to expect next.


Behind the scenes, we work to be up to date on trends, neighborhoods, interest rates, and everything else that's important to you.


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