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Why would you need airbnb rental consulting?

A lot of our clients hire us for Airbnb consulting for some combination of the following reasons:
- they need to know the local short-term rental regulation
- they want to know which rental model will make them the most money
- they want to know how to write their Airbnb listing
- they want to know how to write their VRBO listing
- they want someone to double check their financial assumptions and numbers
- they need an expert witness for airbnb or vacation rentals
- they have a specific question about airbnb or vacation rentals


We have supported a lot of people with Airbnb consulting and vacation rental consulting since 2017. As active real estate agents in Colorado, the majority of our clients have been investor and short-term focused. To ensure we are giving the best information to these clients, we have made videos, studied the laws and become experts on Airbnb.

What Happens in a Session?
It depends on what a client wants to discuss. It helps if a client has questions or a listing they can send ahead of time. This doesn't always happen and that's totally fine too. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. 

What else should I know?
Sessions are one hour. If you need to book a subsequent session or want ongoing coaching, I provide this at a discounted rate.When the session is over, we provide any necessary followup. 

Is vacation rental consulting the same as vacation rental consulting?
Pretty much. Airbnb consulting is for people that want one sessions. Airbnb coaching is for people that need or want many sessions. We are happy to do one on one for many sessions as well. 

What does an Airbnb consultant cost?
As of January 2023, we are charging $175 per one hour call.

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