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Something like 90% of deals in Denver and Colorado Springs are being handled by 10% of the active agents. What does this mean? It means there are a few agents who are killing it. And a lot who aren't.

So right up front, please do not just go with your friend who just got their license. It's the best decision you'll make. You need to ensure that you're getting professional and experienced advice.


So what does a great real estate buyer's agent have to offer?



  • Act as a calming force during a highly emotional process

  • Buy you beer or coffee during stressful times

  • Patiently answer your questions for the third time when you feel you really need to understand a point



  • An experienced agent knows when to push and how to give their client the best chance of getting what they need.



  • Educate you up front about the buying process

  • Recommend reputable lenders to get you pre-approved and establish realistic search parameters

  • Provide trusted advice and manage your emotions (seriously, this is important)

  • Structure a property search around what's important TO YOU  

  • Search listings daily and as they come on the market to find properties that match your criteria

  • Schedule appointments and accompany you on showings

  • Prepare your offer, review disclosure forms and loan information and deliver the contract

  • Negotiate on your behalf and actively facilitate clear communication between all parties. This includes:

    • Recommending home inspectors

    • Reviewing title documents

    • Facilitating lender approval and homeowners insurance coverage

    • Recommending tax professionals and real estate attorneys as necessary




  • Return all calls, texts, and emails within 24 hours, and sooner for time-sensitive matters

  • Manage deadlines so your earnest money is protected

  • Quickly relay communication from buyers to listing agents




  • Carefully handle all earnest money deposits

  • Received and deliver documents in a timely manner



  • Act as an advocate for you

  • Maintain your confidences during negotiations 

    • Do not reveal your motivation for buying, the highest price you're willing to pay, or any other information that might compromise your negotiating position

  • Respond based on YOUR wishes, not mine or anyone else's

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