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Selling a house can feel daunting, but sometimes it just has to be done. We've broken it down into the basic parts to help you prepare for what to expect. 

IMPORTANT: The seller pays the commission costs for both sides. In Colorado Springs, this comes out to 6% of the house price. In Denver, it usually comes to 5.6% of the house price.


  1. Find an agent. Here's a list of questions to ask anyone you are considering.

  2. Make a list of everything you like about the house.

  3. Make a list of everything that needs to be fixed with the house. These items will need to be listed on the seller's property disclosure.

  4. Work with your agent to establish a pricing strategy.

  5. Prep: clean the house, get rid of extraneous furniture, have professional photos taken, plan your schedule around open houses.


  1. Check the listing. Make sure the agent has listed the property correctly and that it highlights what you think is best about the property.

  2. Show your house. This means people will make appointments to see the house and open houses will be held. Bottom line: keep the place clean.

  3. Request feedback if the house is not selling. You may want to adjust the price, retake photos or address a trending problem with your property.


  1. Once you are under contract, it usually takes between 3-4 weeks to finalize the sale of the property.

  2. The seller will fill out multiple disclosures for the buyer:

    1. lead-based paint​ (any house built on or before 1978 requires a disclosure stating that there ight be lead in the paint.)

    2. seller's property disclosure (a list of everything going on with the house.)

    3. water disclosure (the source of the water.)

  3. The buyer and seller will negotiate on which items will be fixed prior to the sale (inspection objection).​

  4. The seller will prep the house for the buyer (finalize the inspection items, clean, move out, etc.)

  5. The close is simple for the seller. It takes about 30 minutes. 

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