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remote workers are coming soon to Colorado

Some stats:

  • 50% of the US workforce is working remotely because of covid

  • employers save an estimated $11K per year for every employee that works from home half of their time

  • Between 14-23 million workers are going to move now that they can work from anywhere.

  • why should you care? they make wonderful tenants. 

Colorado and the Remote Worker Movement

  • Pre-pandemic, Colorado was the number one state for remote workers. (And, yes, we think this trend will persist.)

  • Colorado is a popular place to live, adored by the educated and people with disposable income.

  • Colorado has become increasingly popular with people from the coasts and tech workers in the past 10 years.

  • It seems feasible that people that can work anywhere will choose Colorado to work from. 

  • why should you care? they make wonderful tenants. 


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