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Make Some $$$: Denver's September 2018 Superfly Festival & Airbnb

If it wasn't enough that Denver already has amaaaazing weather, great access to the mountains, really attractive and fit people, sports teams, music venues, a few comedy clubs, a burgeoning foodie scene, an educated citizenry, a lot of alcohol and legal access to some very strong marijuana, it will now also be home to a gigantic three-day music festival starting September 2018.

From the people that brought us Bonaroo, Superfly Productions has landed a deal to host an event at the Denver's Overland Golf Club. The contract is good for the next 5 years, can accommodate up to 80,000 people (it's projected to have 30-40,000 the first year), and will be in the 2nd or 3rd week of September annually.

Why should you care though? Well, September 2018 would be a fantastic time for you to capitalize on Airbnb, because the concert will likely attract people from the Denver suburbs, people further out (think Fort Collins, Colorado Springs) and people from out of state. These people will need somewhere to stay, and because they'll likely be young, they will likely be quite familiar with Airbnb.

It might also be reasonable to assume that with an influx of 30-40,000 people into the city (the first year), there might be a supply and demand problem, which you could solve by jacking up your Airbnb prices and going on vacation for that week. We've done this for other events (Great American Beer Festival, Fourth of July, etc.) and paid for most or all of our airfare with the crazy prices we can command on those weekends.

So, this is great news for your pocketbook, but here are some additional dates in Denver when you can increase your Airbnb prices:


  • Sept. 2-4 ... Labor Day Weekend labor day

  • Sept.22-23 ... Oktoberfest

  • Sept. 29-30 ... Oktoberfest

  • Oct 5-7 ... Great American Beer Festival

  • Oct. 27-28 (weekend before) & Oct. 31 ... Halloween

  • Broncos games See schedule

  • Dec. 31 ... New Years Eve

  • TBD ... Outdoor Retailer Show (Summer and Winter Markets)


  • Jan. 2-21 ... National Western Stock Show

  • March 17 ... St. Patrick's Day/Weekend

  • TBD ... Cinco de Mayo Festival

  • Memorial Day - May 25-28

  • July 4th ... July 4 (duh) & weekend and night before


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