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CO Springs commission pushes back on Airbnb ordinance

All Colorado Springs Airbnb investors should take note of some recent action before the Colorado Springs Planning Commission

Earlier this month, the commission voted 3-3 on the proposed Airbnb/short-term rental ordinance. The three 'yes' votes wanted to pass it as written. The three 'no' votes wanted to create a kind of primary residence rule, as we see with Denver's Airbnb law.

The ordinance will now go to the full city council for discussion and a vote.

The current language of the Colorado Springs ordinance ties the number of short-term rentals allowed per property to the zoning designation. For instance, properties zoned:

  • R-1 (One family residential) can house one short-term rental.

  • R-2 (two-family residential) can operate up to two Airbnb/short-term rental units.

  • R-4 (multi-family residential) can operate up to four short-term rentals.

It will be up to the city council to decide whether to retain the current language or to revise it.

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