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Is Airbnb legal in Aurora? Maybe.

If you've been looking to make extra money by doing a short-term rental in Aurora, Colorado, then you're in luck. Well, maybe.

This month, the Aurora City Council finally approved Airbnb rules legalizing short-term rentals. But only in your primary residence. Just as with Denver's Airbnb laws, you cannot rent out an investment property or second home. You can rent out a room in your home while you live there or you can rent out the entire home while you're away, but either way it has to be your home.

There are other requirement such as obtaining a $40 business license and paying the applicable city lodger's tax. For more details on Aurora's Airbnb regulation, check out its Short-Term Rentals FAQ.

If you're a homebuyer in Aurora wanting to maximize your Airbnb potential, there are options. As I reported in the Denver Post, Accessory dwelling units (or ADUs) are allowed to be used for short-term rentals in Aurora. What does that mean? It means if you have a basement or attic that you can convert or a mother-in-law suite somewhere on the property, you can rent that out full time. If they have a separate entrance and full bath and kitchen, even better.

Are you looking to buy an Airbnb-legal home in the Denver metro area? Contact me, and let's start your search today.

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