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Why would you need midterm rental consulting?

The people we help have specific midterm rental questions and/or don't have time to watch the 200+ midterm rental videos on youtube and/or want us to review their property, listing, etc. We advise if midterms are right for them or simply talk them through the process.

Whatever questions you have about medium term rentals, we are happy to field them. 

What Happens in a Session?
It depends on what a client wants to discuss. It helps if a client has questions or a listing they can send ahead of time. This doesn't always happen and that's totally fine too. Sometimes you don't know what you don't know. 

What does a midterm rental consulting session cost? 

Note: most people need/book two hours. 


  • Erin Spradlin has been running her own midterm rentals since 2017.

  • Erin has written two books on midterm rentals.


  • Erin Spradlin has consulted with clients on midterm rentals since 2018.


  • Erin Spradlin has a youtube channel dedicated to midterm rentals.

  • All midterm rental consulting is scheduled with Erin.

What else should I know?
When the medium-term consulting session concludes, I send you detailed notes with what was discussed as well as links for anything that may be helpful to you.

Is midterm rental consulting the same as midterm rental coaching?

Pretty much. Midterm consulting is for people that want one sessions. Midterm rental coaching is for people that need many sessions. Erin Spradlin supports clients in both single and ongoing sessions.

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