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Small space design

If you read the section on Budget rentals, you know that studios are growing in popularity around the country. Here in Denver, new developments in the Rino and LoHi neighborhoods are featuring modern studios with clean lines and contemporary features.


Whether you are simply renting a studio apartment in Denver or looking to buy and furnish one for a rental, knowing how to lay out and design for a small space is key.



Here are some tips for planning a small-space design.


Divide and conquer


While you don't want to carve the space into tiny rooms, creating a sense of separate space can be immensely satisfying. The trick is to not completely cut off spaces. 


Sheer curtains around a bed are a simple solution that give a sense of privacy, still allow light through and can be pushed back if you want to open up the space.


A little half-way separating a small dining area can create a cozy breakfast nook. (Bonus, you can have shelving put into your half-way.)


Storage is your friend


Speaking of shelving, storage is key in such a small space. With floor space at a premium, it's best to look up. Floating wall shelves are a good option. 


And furniture that serves as double duty is great. A bed with storage drawers underneath can work. As can the aforementioned half-way with shelves.


Go to the next level


Another option for creating the illusion of separate spaces is to build a small second level. 


Have a contractor build a second little level at the back of your studio apartment where your bedroom will be. You'll be surprised what it does.


Let there be light!


A well-lit studio can be a calming place to call home. A dim studio can feel like a dungeon.


Again, you don't want to clutter your precious square footage with floor lamps. Hanging lamps give you tons of light, don't consume your space and give a nice vertical element to the room. Wall sconces and recessed lighting are other great options.


Whatever you do, keep it light.


And don't go heavy


Studio design is all about the illusion of space. And one thing that can kill the vibe quickest is heavy furniture.


No, we don't mean heavy in weight. We mean heavy in feel. Steer clear of thick drapes. And buy chairs and couches that leave room at the bottom. Being able to see the floor underneath gives the human eye the impression of more space. 


Those are some great starting ideas. Implement them, and you (or your renter) are sure to feel right at home.


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