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MIDTERM RENTALS: How Do You Find a travel nursing housing website?

Updated: May 20, 2023

Mid-Term Rentals + How to Find a Travel Nursing Rental Website

This is a common question

I consult in the mid-term rental space. While I define this space as a 30+ day furnished rental, a lot of people are familiar with this rental model because of traveling nurses. Subsequently, many of my consulting clients want to know "how do I find a traveling nurse website? Which platforms work directly with traveling nurses? How can I find a site that does housing for traveling nurses?"

This is counterproductive

While I totally understand why you would want to find a website that works directly with traveling nurses, I think this is counterproductive. The reason for this while traveling nurses are great tenants and will be part of your tenant pool, the tenant pool is currently much larger for mid-term rentals now. In the past, it was mostly traveling nurses that rented for 30+ day furnished, but now there are many different demographics that want 30+ day rentals. These demographics include: people new to a city but not ready to buy, remote workers exploring different areas, people thinking about getting divorced, college students and military families. All of these demographics need 30+ day rentals.


That's right. There's a book that can help you with your medium-term rental strategy.

Available on Amazon,

Advertise on at least 2 different sites

I only advertise my mid-term rentals on Airbnb and Furnished Finder. This has been a steady pipeline for me and I have not had issues getting tenants. It is my belief that if you advertise on Airbnb and one other (either VRBO or Furnished Finder), your places should stay booked. And while VRBO an Airbnb are traditionally thought of as short-term rental platforms, more and more they are becoming the platform for mid-term rentals as well. Furnished Finder has been around since the 2000s and has always targeted mid-term rentals and medical professionals.

My belief is that if you do at least two of these platforms, you will cover 95% of the market, open up your tenant pool and likely be in front of the companies that house nurses anyway. The reason I believe this? Those companies often source from Airbnb, VRBO and Furnished Finder anyway. They are just your go between and will find you if you're already on those platforms.

how can we help with your medium-term rental model?

We've been operating multiple medium-term rentals since 2017, and many of our clients also prefer this model. Please reach out to either of us to discuss more.

We also offer consulting for Airbnb monthly stays and mid-term rentals. Learn more about mid-term rental consulting here.



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