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A lot of my mid-term rental consulting clients ask me about where they can find mid-term rental sites? A lot of the time, they want to know how to find a traveling nurse rental site and/or an insurance rental site. This blog will cover how to get in front of mid-term renters.

Prefer video? We got you covered. Check our out midterm rental playlist on YouTube. The Ultimate Guide to Medium-Term Rentals is a good place to start. If you prefer reading though, you can jump below this video for the full blog.


If you want are looking for a Mid-Term Rental book, we have you covered on that as well. It's called American Nomads, and you can buy it here.

Which sites are best for Mid-Term Rentals?

While clients do want to know which sites they can work with to get direct access to traveling nurses, I advise against this practice. While traveling nurses used to be the primary tenant pool for furnished extended stays (put in another way, mid-term rentals), there are a lot more people renting mid-term rentals now. Limiting yourself to a traveling nurse referral program or insurance referral program will work against you.

Get In Front of 95% of Mid-Term Renters

If you advertise on these 3 sites, you will be in front of 95% of the market. For all of my clients, I recommend listing on Airbnb and at least one other site. Ideally, you should list on all three- but full disclosure: I don't. I only list my mid-term rentals on Furnished Finder and Airbnb because I stay fully booked.



Airbnb monthly rentals have seen a 15% since Covid. For this reason, Airbnb longer stays are being popular on the site. A few things to know:

  • What will Airbnb charge for mid-term hosting? Same as their short stays, Airbnb charges hosts 3% of the booking for Airbnb monthly rentals.

  • Will Airbnb allow me to do a discount for longer stays? Yes, Airbnb allows you to do a discount for medium-term stays.

  • How can I change my stay length to 30 days on Airbnb? There's a video for that.


  • VRBO long-term rentals. Is this a thing? Yes. VRBO is popular with mid-term and long-term rentals.

  • What will VRBO charge for mid-term hosting? Same as their short stays, VRBO charges hosts 8% of the booking for medium term stays. Alternately, VRBO hosts can pay $499 annually instead of the 8% per reservation charge.

  • Will VRBO allow me to do a discount for longer stays? No, VRBO does not allow you to do a discount for medium-term stays. For this reason, if you are going for the mid-term price range, you should advertise this and price accordingly.


  • What will Furnished Finder charge for mid-term hosting? Furnished Finder charges hosts $99 annually to list on their platform.

  • Will Furnished Finder allow me to do a discount for longer stays? Furnished Finder was built for mid-term stays, so the assumption is that it is already priced accordingly. Also, Furnished finder does not take payment on the site.

how can we help with your medium-term rental model?

We've been operating multiple medium-term rentals since 2017, and many of our clients also prefer this model. Please reach out to either of us to discuss more.


We also offer consulting for Airbnb monthly stays and mid-term rentals. Learn more about mid-term rental consulting here.


That's right. There's a book that can help you with your medium-term rental strategy.

Available on Amazon, you can buy it here.

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