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Is Airbnb Legal In Woodland Park?

Is Airbnb legal in WOODLAND PARK?

Yes, Airbnb is legal in Woodland Park, Colorado.


If you own a property in Woodland Park, you are allowed to do Airbnb on it with a license and the expectation that you pay taxes.

Note: For people that prefer learning through audio, this content can also be found on our podcast. This episode ran July 19, 2022.

Woodland Park is looking at possible regulations

Woodland Park has had a study session about Airbnb in May and a community meeting in July.

Woodland Park is looking to see if the tax rate is similar/fair between hotels and Airbnb and also to see if the town character has changed and/or if crime has increased. While we can't speak to if the character of the town has changed, crime has not gone up.


We've seen other cities allow for unlimited Airbnb investments only to shortly turn around and change the law. We think that cities should put in sensible Airbnb regulation, which limits individual buyers to 1-3 short-term rental properties.

Woodland Park isn't proposing this at this point, but we do anticipate future Airbnb changes for Woodland Park.


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