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Is Airbnb legal in COLORADO SPRINGS?

Airbnb is sort-of legal in Colorado Springs.

Centennial, Colorado is south of Denver

Colorado Springs is legal to Airbnb in your primary residence (place where you take mail) and legal as an investment with limitations (more on that below.)

IS Airbnb legal for an airbnb investment in colorado springs?

Colorado Springs is fairly restrictive for airbnb investments. You can do a non-owner occupied airbnb in Colorado Springs as long as it:

  1. has multi-unit zoning (R2, R3, Etc.) and

  2. is not within 500 feet of another Airbnb investments.

This has been an issue for buyers and sellers in Colorado Springs. Some agents have been incorrectly listed properties as Airbnb eligible on the MLS without looking at the provisions (zoning and no other Airbnb within 500 feet.)

IS Airbnb legal for an owner occupied airbnb in colorado springs?

If you do an owner-occupied Airbnb in Colorado Springs, you have to live there for 185 days/year (slightly more than 6 months).

Note: For people that prefer learning through audio, this content can also be found on our podcast. This episode ran May 17, 2022.

There is an exception for active-duty military that are stationed outside of El Paso, County. Active Duty military that have been stationed outside of Colorado Springs can Airbnb for up to a year.

Depending on what your zoning is, you can do different Airbnb listings. If you have R1 zoning, you can do one Airbnb at the property; if you have R2 zoning, you can do two Airbnbs at the property, etc.


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