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Is Airbnb Legal In Centennial, Colorado?

Is Airbnb legal in Centennial, Colorado?

Yes, Airbnb is legal in Centennial, Colorado.

Centennial, Colorado is south of Denver

While Centennial always had an unofficial rule that Airbnb was allowed for non-owner occupied properties (which is almost the exact opposite of what every other Denver-metro city allows for), Centennial fully legalized short-term rentals as of January 1, 2022.

As a reminder, Airbnb is a catch all term that also includes short-term rentals, VRBO and vacation rentals.

Note: For people that prefer learning through audio, this content can also be found on our podcast. This episode ran Februrary 8, 2022.


Centennial, Colorado is just south of Metro Denver and west of Aurora, Colorado. It borders the northern edge of Castle Rock, Colorado. This municipality has great access to the interstate and people that live in Centennial could conveniently commute to jobs in Denver or Colorado Springs.

What should I know about Airbnb in Centennial, Colorado?

  1. There are no limits on how many short-term rentals you can buy.

  2. Occupancy limits are 2 guests/room up to a maximum of 8.

  3. For gatherings, you are limited to 1 guest per 1 occupant in the house. So, if 8 people are staying, 16 people can be at the house at any one time.

  4. Airbnb is not allowed in ADUs (Accessory Dwelling Units).

  5. Airbnbs must have 2 off street parking spots available.

  6. Each neighbor must receive a copy of the Centennial Neighborly Owner Handout.

  7. The license is $150 annually.

  8. The application fee is $50.

  9. The Airbnb must have a representative available to contact 24 hours/day.

  10. The city has the right to inspect the premises at any time.

Is Centennial a Good Airbnb Investment?

AirDNA gives Centennial a market rating of B. That said, it couples Centennial with its neighbor to the west (Englewood) and also lists the Regulation at 36. We believe this score is likely bringing the overall score down because the legislation is new and that number has not been updated as of this writing.


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