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How do I rent my house on Zillow Rental Manager?


If you prefer video, you can watch the video below. If you prefer to read about it, I've written this after the YouTube clip.

is Zillow Rental Manager free?

Zillow Rental Manager is a free marketplace for hosts to list their midterm and long-term rentals. Hosts do not pay anything to list on Zillow Rental Manager. Tenants, on the other hand, pay $29. This fee covers a month's worth of applying to different properties.


Hypothetically, you could list any kind of property on Zillow Rental Manager but it is really best suited for long-term and midterm properties.

Definitions: a long-term property is usually 6 months or more and is rented without furniture or utilities. A

A midterm property is usually rented for 30+ days, furnished and the landlord pays the utilities.

Zillow Rental Manager is better for these 30+ day rentals and 6 month+ rentals because the platform supports these types of rentals. What I mean by that is Zillow Rental Manager can accept applications, do back credit and background checks, issue leases and receive payments. However, it is not well suited for reviews- either of the tenant or the landlord and the algorithm isn't intended for short-term rentals, which require more frequent communication.

how does Zillow Rental Manager Work?

It's fairly easy to list. Here are the basic steps:

  1. Create an account here.

  2. Navigate to Manage Rentals (upper right hand corner; close to sign in button)

  3. Click on My Listings

  4. Click on Add Property

5. Input the necessary information: address and property type. If you have a unit number or are a room within a larger space, you'll need to add these details as well.

6. Zillow Rental Manager will then populate details on your property: bedrooms, baths and square footage. Review these details and make sure they are correct.

7. Zillow will prompt you to fill out your property description. I usually do not use full paragraphs, but instead call attention to the items I really care about and separate by dashes. Note: I mention when the property will be ready even though it is redundant. Better to reinforce this message to your tenant pool.

8. There will be several screens as you go- asking for info about the property, your rent, your availability, etc. You fill out each of these screens and save as you go.

9. When Zillow has all the information it needs, it will prompt you to publish your listing.

How can I check my Zillow Rental Listing?

You can check your Zillow Listing by navigating back to the property page. You can access that page by clicking the Zillow Rental Manager icon at the top center of any page. Once you've been directed there, click on the blue properties link which you'll find to the left. You'll see your properties listed there. Click on your properties picture and look about half way down the page on the right side. You'll see a box that looks like the one below. See the "view on network" to the right? Click on that and you'll see what your listing looks like on various Zillow and Zillow owned sites.


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