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best boutiques in colorado springs

Where is the best shopping in Colorado Springs?

The best shopping in Colorado Springs is on Colorado Avenue in Old Colorado City.


Both the east and west side of Colorado Avenue have several bohemian-type clothing and home design boutiques that are worth checking out. Start at 25th and Colorado and head west to 28th. Cross the street at 28th and head back. Some of my favorites include: Stella and Beau, Elly and Blue and Eccentric Co.


Downtown Colorado Springs is a close second for its boutique shopping appeal. A longtime staple, Terra Verde is located directly across from Acacia Park on Tejon street and sells seasonal attire, shoes, jewelry, home decor and bath goods. In my opinion, this is your best bet for buying a last minute gift for a female in your life and having it be a winner... which is to say, Terra Verde has a large selection and a pretty universal appeal.

Other notable shops on the same Tejon block are Title Nine, Ecclectic and Co. (there first location) and Urbean.


The Briargate shops are in the suburbs. They are approximately 11 miles (or a 15 minute drive from downtown) and are your more standard, chain clothing stores. You can find the following at the Briargate shops (and, no this is not an exhaustive list): Anthropologies, Lululemon, Ever Eve, Sephora, etc.


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