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are medium-term rentals on airbnb?

Yes. Airbnb supports medium-term rentals.

Airbnb defines a medium-term rental as a 28+ day furnished rental.

how does airbnb support medium-term rentals?

  1. Airbnb enables bookings for 28 days or more. You can update this in the settings portion of your account. Once there, Airbnb will ask you:

    1. if you want to allow any length of stay (they recommend you do)

    2. if you have a minimum number of nights guests can stay

      1. Airbnb defines medium-term rentals as 28+ days. We recommend setting this number to 30+ days. The reason we recommend 30+ day stays is because most cities that prohibit Airbnb do so by limiting rentals under 30 days. By setting this at 30+ days, you avoid this problem.

    3. Set up monthly prices. Airbnb allows you to set different prices for different months (this is very useful during popular summer months.)

  2. Airbnb has modified long-term cancellation policies for longer stays. Guests can get a full refund if:

    1. they cancel the booking within 48 hours of making the booking; or

    2. they cancel 28 days before their stay starts.

  3. Clear pet fees. This is a biggie! Medium-term tenants want their animals with them. This is a win for you as long as you charge more to allow for this.

what other platforms allow for medium-term rentals?

The two platforms we primarily use to source medium-term renters are Airbnb and Furnished Finders.

While Airbnb takes 3% of every stay, Furnished Finders costs $99 annually per listing.

how can we help with your medium-term rental model?

We've been operating multiple medium-term rentals since 2017, and many of our clients also prefer this model. Please reach out to either of us to discuss more. ERIN@ERINANDJAMESREALESTATE.COM OR JAMES@ERINANDJAMESREALESTATE.COM.


That's right. There's a book that can help you with your medium-term rental strategy.

Available on Amazon, you can buy it here.


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