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3 Best CoWorking Spaces in Colorado Springs

best coworking space in colorado springs?

Whether you are visiting and looking for a desk and reliable wifi or you are a local sick of staring at your home office, we have opinions on downtown coworking spaces and we're here to share them.

Note: For people that prefer learning through audio, this content can also be found on our Colorado Springs' podcast. This episode ran March 15, 2022.




Epicentral has two locations, both on Tejon.

While seemingly still on the small side, Epicentral has two locations on the highly coveted Tejon street. You can get a free day pass at Epicentral as well as a paid day pass ($30/day) and stays for additional lengths of time (two weeks, month long partial, month long full, dedicated desk and private office.)

Because this is a business dedicated solely to co-working, it also has the networking perks of a co-working space. Members are highlighted and events are held to introduce members.

For all of these reasons, we consider Epicentral to be the best co-working space in Colorado Springs.


The Exchange is not technically a coworking space.

But The Exchange is 100% one of our favorite places to go in Colorado Springs. Also located on Tejon street in Colorado Springs, the Exchange is a mixed use space that serves breakfast/coffee, lunch and booze/dinner. One of my fellow former Denverites converted to a Colorado Springs' local stated, "it's like Denver but without all the pretension."

Errr. I hate saying anything mean about Denver because I love Denver. She can do no wrong and is the best city in the world but, I hear my friend on this point. Denver has style, but it also has a lot of money, young people in weird clothes and restaurants with unappealing food with dumb names.

I digress. The Exchange is very aesthetically pleasing but has a very down-to-earth vibe. It has an open air feel, downstairs and upstairs seating and a large bar. It is perfect for working, pretending to work or business meetings. I truly love the Exchange.


You'll know it by the large dandelion mural.

Kinship Landing is located on Nevada. Similar to The Exchange, they hired a pro for the interior and it shows. The aesthetic is open air, lots of plants, good seating and has a nice blend of coffee, alcohol and food. It is a nice place to work when you want to get out of the house but probably not the best place to network. That said, it is a popular place- so when you feel like you need humans, this is a good place to go.

Something else to note

We are banking on businesses that center on community in the future. The reason we are banking on this is that even while employees demand work from home and we all consider our phones are closest family member, we believe people still need people. People still want people. People will be seeking out businesses and experiences that introduce them to other people.

Right now, the coworking space scene in Colorado Springs is scant, to say the least. Given the popularity of coworking spaces in Denver and our belief that community will be in demand in the future, we think this could be a solid business opportunity.


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