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5 Things to Do in Denver on Mother's Day

And, yes, I'm writing this post now so you'll still have time to make a reservation if need be.

Anyway, MOMS. Mine is very good at making banana bread, hosting and giving unsolicited advice. James' mom is great at canning, story telling and personalized cards. Whoever your mom might be, here's a few ideas of how to enjoy the day and them this year:

1.) Stir Cooking School serves up the perfect way to spend some time with mom. A little pricey, but super fun, they offer a great way to pass 2 hours with your mom creating something new and tasty with great instruction and even better flavors.

2.) Denver Graffiti Tour. Don't let the name scare you. This tour is less about illegal tagging and a whole lot more about admiring the beautiful murals that decorate the RiNo neighborhood. With a commentary colored by first-person interviews with the artists and starting and stopping near some of Denver's hottest restaurants, it's the perfect tour after brunch or before lunch.

3.) Puff and Paint. Depends on your mom. Some of them are really not going to be into this, but some of them might love the idea of painting while reminiscing on their college years.

4.) Book Bar. The book bar is awesome, but honestly, your mom probably just wants to spend some time hanging out with you and talking. The Book Bar is a great place for this as its a low key bookstore that serves up coffee, alcohol and intellectual vibes. Definitely a stop worth making in the Tennyson neighborhood.

5.)Paddle boarding Just like number 3, this one really depends on your mother, but every time I've paddle boarded it was pretty tame with beautiful weather. It's a wonderful and inexpensive way to spend an evening that can be done sitting (or even in a kayak.)

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