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6 p.m. | Jan. 27, 2020

Coquette's Cafe & Bistro

616 S. Tejon

Colorado Springs, CO


Come learn the laws and opportunities surrounding short-term rentals from Colorado's Airbnb experts. The class is FREE.


Get the latest updates on what's happening with Colorado Springs' regulations.


We'll discuss:

  • The latest on Colorado Springs' efforts to curb short-term rentals 

  • What the law currently allows

  • Cities that are friendly to Airbnb investment ... and cities that aren't.

  • Insurance products to protect you

  • Tax collections

  • City enforcement efforts

Co-hosted by James Carlson Real Estate & Colorado Springs' premiere STR management company, HOSTE.


The event is FREE.



James Carlson and Erin Spradlin are real estate agents working with buyers, sellers and investors. They have hosted thousands of guests and own several rental properties, including a duplex in Colorado Springs that they rent through Airbnb.


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